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The Temptations of 48

Of the garden

  1. potato pancake
  2. fried jalapenos
  3. apple and cheddar roll
  4. spicy nuts
  5. marinated olives
  6. artichoke heart
  7. tomato and basil bruschetta
  8. humus chips
  9. fig crouton and goat cheese
  10. mini-fondue parmesan

Of the sea

  1. shrimp tempura
  2. snail bundles
  3. pincho with smoked salmon and cream cheese
  4. Smoked salmon chips and Cuban salsa
  5. salmon tataki


  1. beef tataki
  2. prosciutto and green peas pincho
  3. imperial roll
  4. mini-poutine with pulled pork
  5. foie gras in a tea towel
  6. crouton of caramelized onions and smoked duck
  7. calabrese
  8. chorizo
  9. prosciutto
  10. rabbit and blueberry terrine
  11. duck and orange terrine
  12. grilled chicken rillette
  13. smoked lamb
  14. smoked bison
  15. chicken satay

To the adventure

  1. italian arancino
  2. arancino bbq
  3. spicy arancino
  4. saffron arancino
  5. mini-poutine with cointreau
  6. general tao chicken
  7. scallop ceviche
  8. monte-carlo salmon tartare
  9. Asian beef tartare
  10. turkish maki
  11. maki southern comfort
  12. mini pulled pork sandwich


  1. Guinness cheddar cheese
  2. hermit blue cheese
  3. Wensleydale cheese with cranberries
  4. Château Versailles brie cheese
  5. tiramisu
  6. the New Yorker


  1. Spain (5,6,11,13,23,34,37,41)
  2. Italy (4,7,9,10,16,24,31,40)
  3. California (2,8,15,27,29,32,41,42)
  4. Quebec (1,3,13,19,21,25,28,44)France (4,6,12,20,26,28,38,46)
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World Entrances

  1. Sicilian arancini
    • 3 fried balls of rice, parmesan and cream, accented with saucespicy, maple mayonnaise and saffron aioli. 
  2. Belgian fries and cajun mayonnaise
    • bowl of fries with homemade mayonnaise. 
  3. Spanish squids
    • Lightly breaded, peppery and lemon squid. 
  4. Scallop ceviche
    • sea ​​scallops cold cooked in citrus juice,accompanied by a house salad. 
  5. Mini Japanese tartare burger
    • fresh beef tartare, minced lemongrass, kikomen, sesame,in a mini burger bun 
  6. Monte Carlo Fresh Salmon Tartare
    • fresh salmon cut with a knife, spicy mayonnaise,shallots, cucumbers, mangoes, caramelized bacon,crunchy tempura and escalating potato chips. 
  7. Pot of the day
    • according to the chef’s inspiration.
  8. Butternut squash soup with flavors of India
    • Butternut squash, apple, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg,curry, cumin, white wine and yogurt.
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Arugula, fennel, green apple, citrus vinaigrette,Hummus chip, bruschetta crouton and onion croutoncaramelized and smoked duck. 

  1. Waldorf salad with chicken
    • marinated chicken, arugula, fennel, celery, shallots,pecans, blue cheese, green apple and raisins. 
  2. Cuban salad
    • homemade cod accras (fishcake), mango salsa,saffron aioli, arugula, fennel and green apple.
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Angus beef patty, caramelized onions, Cajun mayonnaise,bacon, mozzarella, lettuce and tomato. 

  1. Costa Rican Burgers (2)
    • cod accras, mango salsa, lime sour cream,served in two mini brioche burger buns. 
  2. General Tao’s Chicken Burger
    • marinated chicken, fried in Cajun tempura, tao sauce,Thai vegetables and tao mayonnaise. 
  3. Tennessee burger
    • homemade pulled pork, Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauceand Californian coleslaw. 

Our burgers are served with our delicious fries

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tasty and crispy bread dough, homemade sauce,mozzarella, cream of goat cheese, shallotsand black pepper. 

  1. Moscato Pizza
    • tasty and crispy bread dough, homemade saucemozzarella, hazelnut mascarpone, prosciuttoand arugula salad. 
  2. Turkish pizza-maki
    • tortilla and cheddar cheese, brushetta of tomatoes and basil,ground beef, paprika, turmeric, sriracha and Greek yogurt,served like sushi. 
  3. Southern comfort pizza-maki
    • tortilla and mozzarella cheese, Jack daniel’s BBQ sauce,marinated chicken, onions and fried jalapenos,served like sushi.

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Flavors of the world

arborio rice, parmesan, white wine, white mushrooms,shiitake and caramelized bacon.for epicureans, add 3 sea scallops. 

  1. Fideos alla valencia
    • angel hair, chorizo, shrimp, saffron aioli, lemons. 
  2. Beef flank steak with cointreau
    • Angus AAA beef, steak spices, red wine, cointreau,market vegetables and fries. 
  3. Asian fish’n’chips
    • cod loin, panko breadcrumbs, spicy mayonnaiseserved with salad and fries. 
  4. Macaroni and Cheese the Way 48
    • penne, homemade cheese sauce, white wine,green grapes and bacon. 
  5. General Tao chicken
    • crispy chicken, rice vermicelli and Thai vegetables. 
  6. Salmon from Madagascar
    • grilled salmon steak, mango salsa, Madagascar green peppercaramel of red peppers, basmati rice and market vegetables. 
  7. Monte Carlo Fresh Salmon Tartare
    • fresh salmon cut with a knife, spicy mayonnaise,shallots, cucumbers, mangoes, caramelized bacon,fried won ton, served with salad and fries. 
  8. Irish beef tartare
    • fresh beef tartare, minced lemongrass, kikomen, sesame,sour pickles, guinness cheddar cheese, taro chips,accompanied by salad and fries.  
  9. Table d’hôte formulatwo temptations of the chef’s choice, soup of your choice, flavor of the world,choice of homemade dessert and coffee or tea. 
  10. Risotto with two mushrooms
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Treats just for fun

Grandma Moscato’s tiramisu 

Italian dessert created in the 1970s. The base is acookie dough base soaked in espresso coffee and tia mariaon which we add a layer of mascarpone creamand eggs. 

  1. The Belgian
    • delicious chocolate cake made for us by aartisan pastry chef. 
  2. Bailey’s Creme Brulee
    • cream composed of a mixture of egg yolk, sugarand Bailey’s flavored cream. 
  3. The New Yorker
    • cream cheese and mascarpone cake, maple syrup,vanilla and nutmeg, on a graham cracker base.
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Menu of the day

from August 20, 2012 to August 24, 2012

At 48 this noon

The kitchen offers …

Temptation48 or vegetable juice


  • Sicilian half pizza
  • Asian shrimp salad
  • Brie and mushroom burger
  • Penne with smoked salmon
  • Maple pork tenderloin
  • Trout fillet with béarnaise sauce
  • Special

Please note that the special 48 changes daily

Tea, coffee or infusion


Being on vacation means having nothing to do and having all day to do it.
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