Flavors of the world

arborio rice, parmesan, white wine, white mushrooms,shiitake and caramelized bacon.for epicureans, add 3 sea scallops. 

  1. Fideos alla valencia
    • angel hair, chorizo, shrimp, saffron aioli, lemons. 
  2. Beef flank steak with cointreau
    • Angus AAA beef, steak spices, red wine, cointreau,market vegetables and fries. 
  3. Asian fish’n’chips
    • cod loin, panko breadcrumbs, spicy mayonnaiseserved with salad and fries. 
  4. Macaroni and Cheese the Way 48
    • penne, homemade cheese sauce, white wine,green grapes and bacon. 
  5. General Tao chicken
    • crispy chicken, rice vermicelli and Thai vegetables. 
  6. Salmon from Madagascar
    • grilled salmon steak, mango salsa, Madagascar green peppercaramel of red peppers, basmati rice and market vegetables. 
  7. Monte Carlo Fresh Salmon Tartare
    • fresh salmon cut with a knife, spicy mayonnaise,shallots, cucumbers, mangoes, caramelized bacon,fried won ton, served with salad and fries. 
  8. Irish beef tartare
    • fresh beef tartare, minced lemongrass, kikomen, sesame,sour pickles, guinness cheddar cheese, taro chips,accompanied by salad and fries.  
  9. Table d’hôte formulatwo temptations of the chef’s choice, soup of your choice, flavor of the world,choice of homemade dessert and coffee or tea. 
  10. Risotto with two mushrooms