World Entrances

  1. Sicilian arancini
    • 3 fried balls of rice, parmesan and cream, accented with saucespicy, maple mayonnaise and saffron aioli. 
  2. Belgian fries and cajun mayonnaise
    • bowl of fries with homemade mayonnaise. 
  3. Spanish squids
    • Lightly breaded, peppery and lemon squid. 
  4. Scallop ceviche
    • sea ​​scallops cold cooked in citrus juice,accompanied by a house salad. 
  5. Mini Japanese tartare burger
    • fresh beef tartare, minced lemongrass, kikomen, sesame,in a mini burger bun 
  6. Monte Carlo Fresh Salmon Tartare
    • fresh salmon cut with a knife, spicy mayonnaise,shallots, cucumbers, mangoes, caramelized bacon,crunchy tempura and escalating potato chips. 
  7. Pot of the day
    • according to the chef’s inspiration.
  8. Butternut squash soup with flavors of India
    • Butternut squash, apple, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg,curry, cumin, white wine and yogurt.